Do you forget what you learned when moving to the next song? Do you have DEAD AIR in your piano playing? Learn to retain more and  be the LIFE of the PARTY when you sit to play the piano!

Secrets That The Pro’s Use Are Now At YOUR Fingertips!

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Tired of leaving what you’ve learned behind with the last song?

I’ve created this special bundle to help you retain and apply more of what you learn from song to song!

Let’s transform the old way you’ve played jazz standards into new and exciting piano arrangements. You’re about to…

  • Fill the “dead air” in your piano playing
  • Learn how to add simple fills that spice up your arrangements
  • Easily create introductions and endings for your songs
  • Dive into improvisation with my easy method
  • Retain MORE of what you learn from song to song…this makes it easier to learn new songs!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with this bundle?

This bundle includes 5 DVDs, jam tracks, sheet music, MIDI files and audio mp3s. There is over $215 of material in this bundle.

I’m already a member, do I already have access to this material?

You have complete access to the Night & Day and Cocktail Piano Basics lessons. However, the Cocktail Piano Success DVD, audio files and jam tracks are only available as part of this bundle. We do not sell the bonus material separately.

I’m a beginner. Is this bundle right for me?

It is best to have at least a year of piano under your belt before beginning this lesson. However, all of our lessons are designed so that students of all levels can find a few “gems” that they can bring into their playing.

I already have one of these lessons. Will you “swap” a DVD for me?

Just call or email us and we will be happy to swap out up to 2 DVDs for something new. This means you can swap out the Night & Day or Cocktail Piano Basics lesson for a different lesson. Sorry, you can not swap out all 4 DVDs!

When does this sale end? 

The counter at the top of this page tells you when this sale will end. Sorry, we can not extend the sale, so please plan accordingly!

Can I use a coupon code I received toward this bundle?

Since this bundle is already heavily discounted, no further discounts are available toward this bundle.

Does the sheet music come with this package?

Yes. In addition, you also get the MIDI files. There are several pages of music which you’ll find VERY useful to create introductions and endings. We are also adding in a Quick Start outline that makes it easy for you to know what you should practice when you sit at the piano.

2 Easy Ways To Get This Bundle…

Cocktail Piano Package - Fill The Dead Air in Your Piano Playing
  • Night & Day 1+2 – ($79.90 value)
  • Cocktail Piano Basics 1+2 – ($79.90 value)
  • SUCCESS BONUS Lesson – ($39.95 value)
  • Success Lesson mp3′s – ($9.95 value)
  • Jam Tracks ($5.95 value)
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Download For $89